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payment services

powercash21 provides online and mobile merchants with the all-round payment package that they need to grow their business globally.

This includes:

  • Fast on-boarding! Improve your time to market! Receive your merchant account within 48 hours of you application*
  • Wide variety of payment methods available: Credit & Debit Cards, Bank Transfers, Unionpay, eWallets, Direct Debit, Prepaid Solutions and Sofortüberweisung
  • Multi-currency support; payments can be transacted in any currency and settled in the world's ten main currencies
  • Excellent fraud and risk management
  • Batch payment processing with the highest level of security
  • Automated billing, tokenized, variable and initial recurring capabilities
  • Dependable data of all payment processes: Needs-based access to all transactions 24/7/365
  • Localised language support for global payment transactions
  • Bespoke pre-paid card services
  • Mobile payment services
  • Fully customizable PCI-DSS Level 1 certified payment pages

Global Online Payment Methods

Credit / Debit Cards:
Acquiring made simple! One integration gives you access to credit cards from around the world. Online payment processing is available for the following:

Alternative Payment Methods:
We offer the most popular alternative payment methods, whether its bank-to-bank transfers, direct debits or eWallets to help grow your company globally through supporting your localization strategy.

Currencies and Payment Methods

Customers feel more secure with their own currency. If payment is only possible in a foreign currency, this raises questions about exchange rates and possible currency losses. Customers can be lost as a result. It is a similar situation with the offered payment methods. It's true that most customers today pay with credit cards online or by mobile. However, there are customers who prefer other methods of payment. If these are not offered, the sale is often curtailed. In concrete terms, that means that you lose sales, and this does not have to be the case. Instead, with the comprehensive offer of currencies and methods of payment that powercash21 provides, you can build up a competitive advantage for your business and continue to grow globally. With the multi-currency and omni-channel payment solutions from powercash21, you reduce the risks of payment interruptions and successfully build your business globally. Offer your customers the ability to pay for your products and services in their own currency and, as a merchant, you still receive payment in one of ten main settlement currencies. Supplement the offer of payment by Credit Card with other methods of payment such as Local Bank Transfers, eWallets, Direct Debit, Prepaid Solutions and Sofortüberweisun.

Advantages for your customers:
  • Familiar buying experience in one's own currency and with the preferred method of payment
  • No uncertainties regarding possible currency losses or questions about exchange rate
  • Development of trust

Advantages for you as a merchant:
  • Increased global sales
  • Higher conversion of purchasers to buyers, lowering payment page abandonment
  • Reduced customer service enquiries and chargeback
  • Enhanced customer loyalty
  • Opportunities to increase margins by higher customer acceptance ratio

Fraud and Risk Management

As a merchant, you can actively do something to reduce your risk of payment fraud by implementing a correspondingly advanced system. In addition to our analysis, simulation, rule processing and case management tools, powercash21 offers you comprehensive fraud prevention tools for just that purpose. They contain all the functions that can be selected according to individual requirements. Benefit from the fact that our system recognizes irregular transactions before they are concluded. Our system also reduces “false positives”– normal transactions that have erroneously been categorized as being suspected of fraud. This means our intelligent filters and rules save you and your customers from fraud.

Services to manage your business:
  • 3D Secure
  • Geo-Conflict
  • Velocity Checking
  • BIN Lookup
  • Pre-Authorization enabling you to collect KYC data before Capture

Advanced Back Office

Our user-friendly Merchant Back office allows you to manage your online payments seamlessly and provides you with data to support business decisions. Features of our customized reporting include:

  • 24/7 access to real-time information on every transaction
  • Consolidated sales reports
  • Ability to export valuable customer and transaction data to support your offline analytics
  • Chargeback and fraud monitoring
  • Refused transaction monitoring
  • Online access to statement and account details

Recurring Billing

powercash21 allows for flexibility in establishing automated payments. Frequency and date variables can be set per card to allow our merchants to maximize their subscription business

Advantages for your customers
  • More familiar shopping experience for your customer
  • Customers do not need to initiate their transactions manually
  • Higher conversion and approval rates

Advantages for you as a merchant
  • Automated billing – choose your prices; set your durations. powercash21 securely stores your consumers' information and automatically rebills them according to a schedule you determine
  • Variable initial recurring and rebill periods – you can customize the amount of time before the first rebill

Batch Payment Processing

Merchants with numerous card transactions can save time by using our powercash21 batch upload feature. We maintain the highest level of security, PCI-DSS Level 1, with this tool as well. When using this feature, merchants upload a file directly to the payment gateway, eliminating the repetitive and time-consuming process of sending each transaction individually.

Tokenized Payment Processing / Card on File

Tokenized payment processing allows our merchants to reduce their PCI scope while increasing conversion rates through a more streamlined checkout experience for return shoppers. Merchants don’t need to manually transmit and store volumes of card information. The powercash21 gateway encrypts and tokenizes sensitive payment data and stores it in our secure server (card on file), allowing you to store a token instead. Storing tokens in place of full card data reduces your PCI scope and cost. powercash21 takes security seriously by complying with PCI standards to maintain the highest level of security.

Flexible Merchant Interfaces

Using our fully customizable payment page for your online business reduces your PCI scope. Our page is customizable with your corporate design and deployed in the languages relevant to you. Concentrate on your own core business as security is at the centre of our payment solutions. Specifically, when it concerns the storage, processing and transfer of data within the scope of card payments, compliance with security standards has the highest priority in order to prevent misuse and payment fraud. For merchants that require complete control of their customers’ payment journey, we offer direct integration in multiple programming languages via our API Software Development Kit. This allows you to customize the customer's payment journey to best suit your business. Your appearance makes the difference

Telephone / MOTO Payments

Using our securely hosted PCI DSS level one payment servers, you can accept payments over the phone through our browser based Virtual Terminal. You can manage your telephone payments with ease alongside your online transactions. Data captured through the Virtual Terminal will be available in all of your reporting needs.

Reporting and Analysis 24/7/365

Anytime access to reliable data for all payment transactions is an important success factor for your online or mobile business. powercash21 offers access to this information as needed, 24/7/365. In just a few clicks, you can obtain detailed reports on all executed transactions and events, as well as extensive trend and analysis reports, including standard and custom transaction and profitability reports and full financial settlement reports.

Security / PCI-DSS Level 1

So that you can concentrate on your own core business, security is at the centre of our payment solutions. Specifically, when it concerns the storage, processing and transfer of data within the scope of card payments, compliance with security standards has the highest priority in order to prevent misuse and payment fraud. Our gateway is certified according to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard Level 1 (PCI-DSS Level 1). The standards and requirements that must be complied with for a secure environment are established by the PCI Security Council.

In addition to powercash21's comprehensive security concept, all payment processes run via our PCI-DSS Level 1 certified environment. With this, we reduce PCI compliance concerns for you with regard to your online or mobile business, thereby enabling you to easily comply with semi-annual card brand enhancements.

Mobile Payment Solutions

mPOS21 is the mobile payment solution under the umbrella of the powerpay21 network. With your individual merchant account you can accept credit and debit cards that require face-to-face interactions. The mPOS21 smart card reader with PIN pad is secure, card scheme certified, and available with our customer app (Android or iOS). Through your mPOS21 merchant management portal, you can customize multiple catalogues, upload product descriptions with pictures and pricing. Maximize your revenue potential with mobile commerce. Our solution for mobile businesses accepts chip and PIN credit and debit cards on the go. Find out more about the Mobile Point of Sale Devises offered by our Global Fintech network at:

Pre-paid Cards

With powercard21 we offer boutique prepaid issuing programs for Visa, MasterCard and UnionPay. These are debit cards which may optionally be co-branded with your merchant logo. We know from our customers that these programs are important for customer loyalty and for their own brand development. With powercard21 we offer fully customizable solutions for payout distribution, payroll and payment. Our back office management platform allows our merchants to manage their entire card portfolio. Learn more about the customizable and scalable prepaid issuing programs offered by our Global Fintech network at: