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In 2018, approximately 260 million European customers have spent €181 billion shopping online. United Kingdom, Germany and France continue to lead the way, as the largest e-commerce markets of Europe.

Latin America

Latin America is experiencing an eCommerce growth as a result of the increase of Internet and smartphone penetration rates, the better online payment security and the development of Mobile commerce. Specifically, eCommerce users are expected to reach 163 million people by 2021. On a regional basis, the market leader is Brazil, followed by Mexico and Argentina.


Asia Pacific is currently the leading eCommerce region globally. China is considered the largest contributor to the region’s retail market while India has the highest growth rate in the region. With $1.3 trillion in retail web sales for 2017, China is also the world’s leading e-commerce market. The increase to smartphone penetration rates contributes to higher mobile commerce sales.


During 2017, an estimated 1.66 billion people worldwide purchased goods online leading to €2.304 trillion retail eCommerce sales.

Simplified payment solutions online merchants can rely on

Plug & Play Integration

Monetise your online shop with customisable widgets purposely built for a fast setup of payment processing, ensuring an easy and seamless integration with our payment gateway.

PCI Level 1 Payment Gateway

Accept, process and transmit cardholder data securely with our robust PCI-DSS Level 1 payment gateway, built on cutting edge technology.

Risk Management & Fraud Protection

Manage risk and fraud with 3D Secure and many more proprietary and third-party advanced anti-fraud tools embedded in our payment gateway. Operate your online business with minimal risk of fraudulent transactions.

Intelligent Business Reporting

Monitor transaction data in real-time and run transaction reports that provide you with customer behaviour insights, that support intelligent decision-making and generate business growth strategies.

Personal Customer Relationship

Our dedicated account manager and 24/7 support will be your new payment processing go-to team.

Powercash21 Alternative Payment Methods

Our services include alternatives to card payments, which can help your store's localisation strategy. Offer your customers local payment methods such as:

Bank Transfers


Prepaid Vouchers

Powercash21 provides merchants with a range of payment methods to grow their business globally. Incoming payments can easily be accepted via a single online merchant account and simple integration, whether that’s online payments or payments received over the phone. We help merchants accept payments simply, securely and cost effectively. Contact us and find out more about our payment solutions and how you can connect your online store’s payment page to our payment gateway. With just a few simple steps you can integrate to Powercash21, on some of the world’s most popular e-commerce systems and shopping carts.

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