Powercash21, a dynamic and fast-growing payments institution, with offices in Larnaca, is looking for a 

diligent and analytical Risk Manager with strong decision-making skills to join the team.

Job description
The Risk Manager shall be responsible for overseeing the duties of the Company’s Risk Management function and for ensuring effective supervision of the relevant risks through continuous monitoring, assessment and evaluation of the Company’s risk management policies.


  • To establish, implement and maintain adequate policies and procedures which identify the risks relating to the Company’s activities, processes and systems, and setting the company’s ‘Risk Appetite’ - the level of risk tolerated by the Company,
  • Responsible for the overall underwriting of merchants through the assessment of financial risks associated with their business profile, while continuously monitoring all relevant risks,
  • Assessing risk prior to the introduction of new products and services,
  • Providing support, education and training to staff to build risk awareness within the Company,
  • Manage risk and compliance in accordance with legal and regulatory requirements,
  • Periodically reporting of the actuality and effectiveness of the risk management control process with emphasis on continual improvement,
  • Day to day management of the risk team:
  • Ensuring KYC (Know Your Customer) checks are completed in a timely manner,
  • Ensuring efficient transaction monitoring and merchant activity is carried out to detect and evaluate abnormalities in client turnover history and to report observations,
  • Managing transaction limit checks in compliance with EU Anti Money Laundering regulations,
  • Managing merchant payments and refunds in line with risk exposure,
  • Assist its Merchant’s risk teams in preventing fraud and customer chargebacks,
  • Approving Merchant payment processing options in line with the Company’s compliance procedures,
  • Terminate merchant accounts where there is a breach of the company’s Terms and Conditions.

Qualifications & Skills:

  • Educated at bachelor’s degree level,
  • Significant background in a Risk and Compliance related role,
  • An understanding of Online Payment Services,
  • Good understanding of:
    - The E-commerce Industry,
    - Card Schemes (Visa & Mastercard) regulations and guidelines,
    - Office and online security and proficiency in the use of technology,
  • Very organized with the ability to work in a fast-paced working environment with minimal supervision,
  • Strong analytical, problem-solving and critical thinking,
  • Strong interpersonal and communication,
  • Strong reporting and presentation
  • Fluent in English

The Risk Manager must have the ability to take initiative and be a decision-maker who is self-motivated and driven by results for the success of the Company.

If this role seems like a good match, please submit your resume and cover letter here.

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