Supporting Automated Payment System Strategies

Powercash21 supports merchants who adopt automated payment system strategies. This is because we understand the benefits in terms of operational efficiencies and reduced expenses that come with such a strategy. It is for this reason that we fully support the use of payment automation functions by offering batch payment processing and recurring billing solutions to our merchants.

Batch Payment Processing

Merchants with numerous card transactions can use the powercash21 batch upload feature while they benefit from the highest level of security.

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Recurring Billing Solutions

Powercash21 offers recurring billing solutions that allow for flexible and secure automated payments for online merchants.

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The benefits of payment automation

An automated payment system provides a number of benefits to merchants and helps them to optimize their business. Some of the benefits that come with the use of payment automation tools include:

  • Efficiency – the more automated and efficient a process is, the more return the company will see. By adopting an automated payment process, you can reduce your company expenses significantly. Batch payment processing, for example, allows you to submit multiple transactions in one single file, enabling the simultaneous authorization and settlement of all transactions, which is faster than processing transactions one-at-a-time. Doing so will allow your employees to save valuable time that would otherwise be spent collecting and processing payments manually and use this time for other important tasks.
  • Fraud prevention – fraud via automated payments is far lower than that of manual payments. Automated payments require customers to only insert their card details once and the payments will be processed automatically. Without an automated payment system, customers have to insert their card details manually each time that they have to pay the merchant and this increases the risk of fraud.
  • Increased customer satisfaction –an automated payment system will save your customers’ time and effort as a result of shorter payment cycles. Your customers will no longer have to keep track of due dates and spend time each time to set up the bill payments. Therefore, the convenience and added security of payment plans that get paid automatically and on schedule avoiding late fees, ensure uninterrupted service and will lead to an increase in satisfied customers.

For all your automated payment needs

Powercash21 understands the benefits of automated payments. Reducing expenses and overhead costs is essential for any business and automated payment systems allow you to do this. This is precisely why you can rely on Powercash21’s batch payment processing and recurring billing solutions to cover your company’s automated payment needs.

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