Integration Options for all businesses

The Powercash21 tech team is happy to guide you through to each step of the integration process.

Hosted Payment Integration

Hosted Payment Integration - leaves all the heavy lifting of code and security up to us while you host our payment page in a simple iframe on your site.

The iFrame interface is a fully-functional secure payment solution that provides a possibility to process the payments via different payment systems. By using this payment interface the amount of work for the integration of different payment systems is drastically reduced. The iFrame interface provides end-users with the option to select one of the different payment methods that your webshop offers.

Hosted Payment Page features:

  • Support your design customization
  • Customer can select a payment method from different options
  • Support for multi-language that the customer can choose while on the hosted page.

Currently, we support 19 languages.

Hosted Payment Integration

Direct Integration

Direct Integration –  allows more control from your CRM system or webshop.

If you select the direct integration to our gateway, we pre-require PCI DSS level 1 certification on your end, as you will be handling sensitive credit card data. You will also have greater freedom on interaction with the payment gateway and thus lending you fine-grained control over the payment process.

API Interfaces include:

  • Authorize – Payment Authorization
  • Pre-Authorization & Capture – Reserve funds and Capture at a later time
  • Reversal – Cancel a deposit before it has been captured
  • Refund
  • Credit Fund Transfer (CFT)
  • Transaction Status Request – Diagnose the state of a transaction
  • Wire Transfer
  • Batch Payout Services

Direct Integration

API Documentation

The Powercash21 Tech Team is happy to guide you through to each step of the integration process.  

Access the full API documentation here:

API Documentation

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