Risk Management

It is important to us that our merchants focus on their core expertise, while we manage the risk when it comes to online payments. We continuously ensure that the latest risk tools are activated and integrated to our gateway in order to manage risk and fraud for your business.

Fraud Prevention

As a merchant, you can actively do something to reduce your risk of payment fraud by implementing a correspondingly advanced system.

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3D Secure

Enhance your security against fraudulent payments with 3D Secure.

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Our fraud detection tools include geolocation as a means to prevent card-not-present fraud on our merchants' websites.

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Velocity Checks

Merchants can use velocity checks to review payment transactions for repeating patterns within a defined time period ,in order to detect fraudulent patterns.

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BIN Lookup

BIN refers to the first 6 digits of a debit or credit card.

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Greatly reduce the risk of fraud and processing costs, by performing a pre-authorization on your customer's card.

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