For effective risk management place your trust in Powercash21

It is important to us that our merchants focus on their core expertise, while we take care of risk management where it relates to online payments. We continuously ensure that the latest risk tools are activated and integrated into our gateway in order to enhance secure payment processing and reduce payment risk and fraud for your business.

Fraud Management

As a merchant, you can actively do something to reduce your risk of payment fraud by implementing a correspondingly advanced system. Powercash21 offers comprehensive fraud prevention tools that are effective in the management of risk.

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3D Secure

Enhance your security against fraudulent payments by utilizing 3D Secure. Available as ‘Verified by Visa’, ‘MasterCard SecureCode; and, very soon, as ‘MasterCard Identity’, you will be able to prove the card user is the legitimate holder of the card.

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Our fraud detection tools include geolocation, a risk management tool used to prevent card-not-present fraud on our merchants’ websites. This involves providing location and connection data to authenticate a user without compromising their privacy.

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Velocity Check

Merchants can take advantage of velocity checks to review payment transactions for repeated patterns within a defined time period. These fraudulent patterns can be intercepted by risk control tools activated via the Powercash21 gateway.

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BIN Lookup

BIN Lookup allows merchants to learn more about their customers including their location and issuing bank via this tool. Powercash21 can ensure effective risk management by setting up BIN Lookup rules for you and your business.

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As a secure payment processor, Powercash21 supports pre-authorization. By incorporating pre-authorization you can ensure that client funds are held for a few days, thus lowering the risk of chargebacks caused by fraudsters.

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Payment risk - What to consider

When considering risk management, and whether a secure payment processor like Powercash21 is right for your business, there are a number of things to consider.

Risk management considerations include:

  • How important is it for your business to keep data secure?
  • What are the threats in relation to online payments?
  • How likely are they to occur?
  • Will these threats be identified quickly?
  • What would be the cost if these threats are realized?
  • Have you considered secure payment processing in order to minimize payment risk?

Understanding that payment risk is a security problem worth addressing will allow you to manage your business in a more effective manner. If no actions are taken to ensure the security and monitoring of online payment transactions, the possibilities of fraud and financial loss are greater. The result of such fraud is that your company’s bottom line and reputation would be negatively affected.

When you employ the services of a company like Powercash21, you can feel safe in the knowledge that effective risk management strategies and tools are in place for the benefit of you and your business.

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