Fraud management for the benefits of all merchants

Reducing the risk of payment fraud by utilizing effective fraud management tools should be of the highest priority for all merchants. Powercash21 offers you comprehensive fraud prevention tools in addition to our analysis, simulation, rule processing and case management tools, for just that purpose. Fraud detection is a set of activities and tools used to prevent money from being obtained through false pretenses, such as a fraudster imposing as a cardholder or initiating a chargeback after an online purchase.

The Powercash21 fraud management solution provides a wide range of functions that can be customized according to individual requirements. Benefit from the fact that our system recognizes irregular transactions before they are concluded. Our system also reduces ‘false positives’ – normal transactions that have erroneously been categorized as being suspected of fraud. With Powercash21 fraud management services, your online business will be highly protected from fraudulent payment activities.

Why managing against fraud really matters

Fraud activity in online payments includes several practices used by fraudsters, such as chargebacks, appearing as the cardholder when the card might be stolen, fraudsters attempting security breaches to steal cardholder data or suspicious patterns of payments to a merchant.

 As a merchant, you can enjoy various benefits with the implementation of fraud management tools. Some of the benefits include:

Protecting against sizeable losses

Losses can be exceptionally damaging to any business and can be so severe that many businesses fail to survive. A fraud management tool will monitor and analyze transactions to protect the business from unusual or suspicious payment activities and prevent significant losses.

Builds confidence and trust in your business

Investors, partners, and consumers will all view your business as more trustworthy if effective fraud management systems have been put in place. In particular, your customers will feel safe and confident in providing their credit card data on your website which can enhance customer loyalty.

Why managing against fraud really matters

Additional benefits of fraud management tools

Cost management affects your bottom line

If a business is able to limit the costs of fraud, this can be the difference between profit and loss. Chargebacks and fraud can be costly if not effectively managed and successfully disputed, taking away from your online revenues and limiting your profitability.

Can help prevent chargebacks

A fraud management system can identify unusual activity occurring with a credit or debit card and therefore not process the suspicious transaction. This way a business can reduce chargebacks that might have occurred if a fraud detection tool was not in place.

Additional benefits of fraud management tools

The fraud management solution offered by Powercash21

Powercash21 provides fraud management services to merchants that can save them and their customers from fraud. These fraud prevention tools include:

  • 3D Secure: asks the cardholder to authenticate themselves when they make card-not-present purchases
  • Geo-conflict: blocks suspicious transactions based on an online customer’s location or connection type
  • Velocity Check: monitors payment transactions based on repeat patterns that have taken place within a set time period
  • BIN Lookup: screens transactions based on the first six digits of a payment card and can be used to identify any mismatches
  • Pre-Authorization: holds your customers' funds instead of debiting their accounts.

Keep your merchant business safe and secure by taking advantage of our comprehensive range of fraud management tools by applying today.

The fraud management solution offered by Powercash21

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