B2B Payment Solutions for eCommerce

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B2B Payment Solutions for eCommerce

Why are B2B Payment Solutions so vital in the world of eCommerce? Well, the answer is simple.  eCommerce is constantly expanding as more users turn to online shopping for retail goods and services, sustaining and increasing the digital economy. eCommerce merchants face new challenges every day when it comes to online payment processing. Powercash21 has identified these challenges and developed quality offerings in b2b payment solutions, tailored to suit every merchant’s needs.

Powercash21 – Providing B2B Payment Solutions for eCommerce

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Powercash21 is experienced in providing B2B payment solutions for merchants in eCommerce. A principal member of Visa and MasterCard, Powercash21 specialises in B2B payment methods and B2B electronic payments adhering to the standards of the most popular schemes. We offer a multitude of payment processing services for eCommerce merchants to be able to accept B2B e payments and B2B credit card processing. Our services are customisable to suit every merchant’s individual needs, ensuring flexibility and peace of mind when it comes to payment processing.

Our B2B Payment Solutions Services incorporate the following:

  • Checkout Pages
  • Payment Gateway Services
  • Risk Management
  • Reporting
  • Automated Payment System
  • Plug-and-play eCommerce Platform Integrations

Why do eCommerce merchants need a payment gateway?

An efficient and robust quality payment gateway service ensures a simple, secure and effective payment and check-out experience for customers and merchants alike. Our suite of payment processing tools, all of which are described in this article, are available via a single integration.

Checkout Pages

a white page checkout template with a shopping cart on a dark blue background

We offer fully customizable checkout pages with flexible interfaces to match any design and a selection of languages relevant to each eCommerce merchant. We understand that the appearance of eCommerce stores and the customer payment journey are of great importance; thus, we offer seamless, direct integration in multiple programming languages to ensure user-friendly B2B electronic payments.

B2B Payments Gateway Services

Technology & Data Security

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Powercash21’s own-developed technology ensures all security protocols, including PCI and GDPR are fulfilled, via a TLS 1.2 SSL connection from our servers. Customer data is anonymously secured in a cryptographic vault after processing, preventing data theft or loss. Data is secured by Tokenization, replacing identifiable information with encrypted information, reducing the risk of a data breach.

PCI Compliance

All eCommerce merchants should have an understanding of what PCI compliance is and why it’s a crucial factor in choosing a processor who can support the security aspect of the merchant’s transaction process. The PCI DSS term stands for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard and is a set of security standards that must be adhered to by companies that accept, process, store or transmit data of payment methods.

Any eCommerce merchant can gain significant advantages by choosing a PCI compliant processor, such as Powercash21. One of the key advantages are increased levels of trust between the customers and the business due to the protection of card data following a B2B electronic payment. As a result of the increased trust, eCommerce businesses showed enhanced brand reputation and a greater number of returning customers, resulting in more profits.

Additionally, being PCI compliant significantly lowers the risk of receiving fines due to a lower risk of data breach.  Most importantly, relying on a PCI Level I gateway provider such as Powercash21, provides the merchant with the option to rely on their payment provider for the storage and safeguarding of the customer payment data that has been processed. By doing so, merchants benefit from greater savings on the investments that would be necessary, be it monetary, time and resources, if the data was to be stored by the merchants themselves.

Risk Management

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It’s important for any eCommerce merchant to focus on their core expertise. We therefore undertake the risk management of any B2B electronic payments and credit card processing. Fraud Management, 3D Secure, Geo-Conflict, Velocity Checks and BIN Lookups are the tools used to assess and control risk in processing B2B payments. Pre-Authorization is also supported, lowering the risk of chargebacks; a practice typically used by fraudsters.


Powercash21’s system offers around-the-clock access to reliable data for all transactions, including B2B electronic card processing. eCommerce merchants can monitor the transaction processing, have access to financial reporting, reconcile settlements generated by day and check outstanding settlement and reserves. Powercash21’s reporting tools include both risk and financial management systems, for the eCommerce merchant to analyse the performance of their business and to obtain critical business intelligence that will enable them to make smarter business decisions.

Automated Payment System

an illustration of a credit card providing power to an office

For merchants in eCommerce handling numerous card transactions, we offer batch payment processing. Merchants can save time by not having to send individual transactions for processing, instead sending the batch as a file. In the case where recurring B2B electronic payments occur, Powercash21 can offer appropriate solutions, where electronic payments are deducted automatically from the customer’s credit and bank accounts on pre-agreed regular intervals. Powercash21 ensures that recurring billing functionality is streamlined. Our merchants are protected from lost revenues that occur due to expired cards, or those reported lost, that are registered in their recurring payment setups. Through our card updater services, card data is automatically updated via the schemes each time a change occurs, so that the next billing attempt does not fail.

Plug-and-play eCommerce Platform Integrations

At Powercash21, we enable merchants to optimize their online shop with customizable widgets built for the most popular e-commerce platforms. Online merchants utilizing shopping carts on the main ecommerce platforms can now integrate quickly and easily. This can be achieved through plug-ins, direct API, hosted payment page or iFrame integration options in order to accept payments quickly and securely. Powercash21 is integrated to multiple e-commerce platforms including WooCommerce (WordPress), Magento, Opencart, PrestaShop, Shopify, Shopware and more.

Contact Powercash21 today and find out how our B2B Payment Solutions can help your eCommerce business

Explore the B2B e payments solution offered by Powercash21 and find out how you can utilize all the tools to expand your eCommerce business.
Our aim is to build long-lasting merchant relationships that are sustainable and strong. We are dedicated to providing the highest level of customer support standards in combination with immediate responsiveness to requests. Our customers are guaranteed a premium service regarding the processing and support in receiving their B2B payments.

Powercash21’s flexible payment systems and reporting features ensure a seamless B2B credit card processing that is reliable, while our risk management methods minimize the risk of fraud in any eCommerce scenario. Our priority is to take this responsibility so that merchants can focus on what they do best.

In addition, Powercash21 is an EU Regulated Payments Institution, and principal member of Visa and MasterCard, using a proprietary PCI DSS Level 1 Certified Gateway to ensure a robust and secure environment for the processing of any B2B electronic payments.

Click here and contact us today. Explore our B2B payment solutions and the benefits of a long-lasting working relationship with Powercash21!

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