An ideal payment gateway for online beauty merchants

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An ideal payment gateway for online beauty merchants

Beauty products merchant accounts are a requirement for online beauty retailers who want to accept and process online payments on their web store.

Secure payments processing for Online Beauty Merchants

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 Based on a recent study;

"Europe is the leading region in sales in terms of online beauty and personal care products in recent years. As recently as 2017, the European market was responsible for 28.62% of the global sales market while the USA contributed 25.23%."

This creates the need for online beauty merchants to partner with a payment processor who understands the requirements of beauty product ecommerce websites in terms of financial solutions and fraud protection. Powercash21 can support you with a PCI compliant payment gateway while you focus on generating sales from Europe or any other region of the world. Simply fill out the form to get started. 

The benefits of payment gateways for online beauty merchants

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Online shoppers expect to enjoy a smooth shopping and check out experience, with the payment page being one of the most important aspects of that journey. If you are looking for beauty merchant payment processors to create a seamless experience, Powercash21 has your back. Our proprietary payment gateway can easily be integrated to your ecommerce beauty store to serve that purpose, while at the same time is equipped with a complete suite of tools to prevent fraudulent transactions.

Some of the benefits of the Powercash21  gateway include:

Access to a 100+ local payment solutions – our payment gateway enables online beauty retailers to add the most popular transaction methods like Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, VPay, and Sofort to their website. An additional 100+ local payment solutions are available to support your business’ localization strategy. Choose between bank transfers, e-Wallets, and prepaid vouchers and expand your business in a worldwide spectrum.

Fraud management tools – the Powercash21 payment gateway is equipped with fraud prevention tools which can assist in recognizing irregular transactions before they are concluded while minimizing chargeback disputes. Our list of fraud management tools includes 3D Secure, Velocity Check, Geo-Conflict, Pre-Authorization, and BIN Look-up.

Customizable payment pages – with our flexible interface checkout pages, you can adjust the checkout page of your online beauty store to reflect your corporate design and appear in the language of your choice. A customizable checkout page will add-up to the seamless experience you want to create for your web store customers.

Payment Tokenizationtokenized payments are used in e-commerce transactions to prevent data breaches. By partnering with a payments service provider who complies with the PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards), such as Powercash21, you can leave the storage of sensitive payment data to be handled by your provider. A Level 1 certified gateway is definitely the best choice amongst payment gateways for beauty merchants.

Alternative payment methods for online beauty retailers

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As a beauty e-commerce retailer, you can gain a competitive advantage by offering a variety of payment options to serve the local markets from which your customers are coming from. Visa and Mastercard remain the most popular methods for online purchases, but alternative methods are gaining ground as well. By choosing to partner with Powercash21, you’ll be well placed to capture a larger portion of the market share with the adoption of local payment methods.

Below is a short sample list from the several alternative payments solutions you can choose from through Powercash21:

1. iDeal – one of the most popular bank transfer methods in the Netherlands. If you already serve or wish to enter the Dutch market, iDeal should definitely be part of your strategy. When a customer lands on your payment page, all they have to do is select iDeal as their preferred method of payment and they will be redirected to their bank to authorize the transaction through their internet banking. A real time payment is then executed from your customer’s bank account directly to yours. After the transaction is made, the customer automatically returns to the ecommerce merchant’s website.

2. Boleto Bancario – or simply Boleto, is a cash-based method used by Brazilian shoppers who do not own a bank account. A consumer, who chooses Boleto as a method of payment, will be redirected to generate a Boleto voucher which has to be paid at the closest Boleto location.

3. Bancontact – a must-have card payment solution for beauty ecommerce websites with traffic from the Belgian market. The consumer enters the information of their card (linked to their Belgian bank account), and once the transaction is completed, payment is guaranteed and cannot be reversed. Bancontact transactions are further protected by 3DS.

4. Sofort – a widely-used payment method in Germany, with more than a 1,500 integrated German banks. Sofort is a real-time bank transfer method that online shoppers can use by choosing this method at the checkout page of an online beauty shop and entering their bank information to login. Once they review the pre-filled details they then authorize the payment.

5. EPS – or Electronic Payment Standard is an online bank transfer method used by millions of shoppers with an Austrian bank account. The way it works is really simple, with the shopper choosing EPS as their desired method and inserting their bank details when they are redirected to the bank’s page. When the transaction is completed, the customer is redirected back to the online store’s website.

Allow Powercash21 to help you and your online beauty business

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It is vital when operating an online beauty store, to accept and process online payments. Not only in the absence of risk but also with a greater range of payment options covering your target countries. Powercash21, as a payment service provider for online beauty merchants, will provide you with the payments technology needed, leaving you free to deal with parts of the business that require your attention. Talk with one of our representatives today about getting started with beauty products merchant accounts.

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