Powercash21 at DMEXCO 2019 - An overview

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Powercash21 at DMEXCO 2019 - An overview

DMEXCO (Digital Marketing Expo & Conference) is among the biggest events of its kind and the most important one in Europe. Held annually in Cologne, Germany, the event features around a thousand exhibitors from 40 countries and more than 550 speakers. This vast knowledge hub attracted 41,000 visitors this year, who learned about the latest trends, technology and gained in-depth insights and knowledge on all aspects of the digital economy.

Powercash21 joined the digital frenzy as part of Powercash21's Solutions FintTech Network.  During our time there we had the chance to meet industry leaders, tech pioneers and representatives from the biggest tech companies around the world, making new acquaintances and friends.

What is DMEXCO?

Over the years DMEXCO has become the central hub of knowledge dissemination regarding digital marketing, financial technology, digital media and the digital transformation of businesses. During the event, speakers from several relevant industries have presented ground-breaking topics, discussed technological advances and controversial issues.

The Congress Stage is the central location of the event, where international top speakers, such as pioneers and thought leaders of the industry presented the current trends and discussed future developments of the industry. The Debate Stage hosted several speakers that engaged in dynamic conversations either as one to one dialogue or as parts of a controversial group.

Delegates that visited the Experience Stage had the chance to experience current innovations in topics such as Creativity in AI & Robotics and Virtual & Augmented reality technologies, whereas the World of Agencies stage showcased concentrated knowledge from the world of advertising agencies. The How-To Stage offered multiple insights into the industry’s best practices by experts, where there’s a lot to learn from anyone interested.

Cutting-Edge Payment Solutions for Merchants

As part of Powercash21's Solutions Fintech Network, we took the opportunity to showcase Powercash21’s products and services to several interested companies and prospects engaged in ecommerce. These included alternative payment methods, merchant solutions for ecommerce such as Payment Gateway services, Checkout Pages and E-commerce platform integrations. We also had the chance to demonstrate our payments processing software and our Risk Management solutions.

Overall, DMEXCO has been an invaluable experience. No other event brings so many professionals, from so many different countries together for one purpose: to further explore how the digital economy transformed our lives and continues to do so every passing day.

Thank you DMEXCO, for all the amazing experiences.

Can’t wait for 2020.

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