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Travel Merchant Account Payment Solutions

Powercash21 supports any merchant in the travel industry with an easy-to-setup and reliable travel merchant account.

Travel Merchant Account: Payment Solutions for Online Travel Agencies

In this article we’ll explain why European Online Travel Agencies [OTAs] are in need of payment processing and alternative payment services, to keep up with the huge demand from European travellers.

Travel packages purchased by Europeans constitutes a multibillion-euro industry. According to the latest statistics from 2017, EU residents spent 82% of their tourism expenditure on trips within Europe, indicating a strong trend of Europeans choosing to travel within their continent. [Eurostat].

Germany recorded the highest level of expenditure on international travel, totalling EUR 78.8 billion in 2017, followed by the United Kingdom (EUR 63.2 billion) and France (EUR 36.7 billion).

Whereas these statistics are indicative of the magnitude of the market, the full image can be seen by discovering how big the travel segment is in the context of European ecommerce.

Airlines and Hotels seem to be the biggest segment in e-commerce throughout the entire European Union! This means that consumers purchase travel services online, above all other products and/or services.

A travel merchant can begin their account procedure by filling in their details. A representative will get into contact with you and get the ball rolling 

What is a merchant account for travel agencies?

a man selected his destination through a travel merchant on an ipad

All travel merchants processing payments online need a travel agency merchant account, which is created by a Payment Services Provider [PSP] or a merchant acquirer to process payments received.

There is often some difficulty for travel merchants in ecommerce to secure a merchant agreement with a suitable payment processing provider. This is a result of certain segments within the travel industry classified as high risk by the credit card schemes. The reason for this classification is that the greatest difficulties and risks lie with the airlines and cruise lines. 

This is because the services are purchased a long time prior to delivery of the actual product and/or service. This naturally increases the chance of chargebacks. As a matter of fact, chargebacks and fraudulent transactions from airline and cruise line purchases are more common than in any other industry, thus having a negative impact on both the travel agency/merchant and the Payment Services Provider due to increased risk.

Powercash21: Your Payment Processing Partner

a laptop placed on a wood bench in front of the sea with a travel agency website displayed on the screen

Ecommerce shopping for travel involves a certain level of risk when it comes to payments. As mentioned above, chargebacks are a frequent occurrence when it comes to the travel industry, as well as fraudulent practices.

Powercash21 possesses the technological infrastructure and knowledge to provide a secure environment for the processing of payments, thus ensuring that merchant services for online travel agencies meet the highest of standards.

The following services are important features that should complement merchant accounts for online travel agencies:

Risk Management

Our merchant services for travel agencies include risk management for transactions through the different payment methods, using several tools, which identify any possible fraud in online travel payments.  Pre-authorisation is also supported, lowering the risk of chargebacks; a technique typically used by fraudsters and quite common in travel ecommerce.

Checkout Pages

We offer fully customisable checkout pages with flexible interfaces in combination with a selection of languages to suit every travel merchant. This enables seamless, direct integration in multiple programming languages to ensure user friendly payments.

Gateway Services

Technology & Data Security

Our own-developed technology ensures that all security protocols (including PCI and GDPR) are fulfilled, via a TLS 1.2 SSL connection from our servers. Customer data is anonymised and cryptographed after processing (tokenization) that helps prevents data theft or loss.

PCI Compliance

All ecommerce Travel merchants should have an understanding of what PCI compliance is and the importance in choosing a processor who is compliant. PCI DSS stands for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard and is a set of security standards that must be followed by companies that accept, process, store or transmit data of payment methods.
Any online travel agency or ecommerce travel merchant can gain significant advantages by choosing a PCI compliant processor, such as increased levels of trust between the customers and the business, which can result in more returning customers.


Powercash21’s system offers anytime access to reliable data for all transactions. Travel eCommerce merchants can monitor transaction processing, have access to financial reporting, reconcile settlements generated by day and check outstanding settlement amounts and reserves. Powercash21’s reporting tools include both risk and financial management systems, for the online travel agency to analyse the performance of their business.

Alternative Payment Methods for the Online Travel Agency

a woman selecting a travel destination through a travel merchant on her laptop

Although the majority of the population uses Visa and Mastercard to purchase services offered by travel merchants, many other methods are being used. With a travel merchant account from Powercash21, you can be assured that a wide range of alternative payment options are available to prospective clients in different regions. Offering alternative or more localized payment methods, attracts customers because they are offered the flexibility to pay in the method they are accustomed to. This is particularly helpful for Online Travel Agents looking to expand globally. 

Some of these alternative payment methods include:

  • Bank transfer services (e.g. Sofort, iDeal, Trustpay, Trustly, SafetyPay)
  • eWallets (e.g. Skrill, Alipay, China UnionPay, Paysera, Qiwi, Zimpler)
  • Prepaid Vouchers (Paysafecard)

Talk to Powercash21 about a travel merchant account

As a travel merchant in ecommerce, accepting and processing payments online with minimal risk is to operate under minimal stress, focusing on what you do best: ensure the growth of your online travel agency. Rely on Powercash21 to carry the burden of risk and gain peace of mind. Talk to us today about your travel payment processing merchant account.F

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