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What is a Virtual Terminal | Powercash21

If you’ve ever asked yourself the question, what is a virtual terminal and how can it benefit your business, then keep on reading.

Whether you run a retail company, restaurant, or any other kind of business that takes orders from customers over the phone or through mail order, offering your customers versatility in settling their bill can be a great advantage. Thus, a virtual terminal might be a wise choice as it allows you to charge credit cards from your computer anytime.

In this article we’ll explain everything that’s involved with virtual terminal transactions, and provide you with all the necessary information so you can make a wise decision for your company.

How does a Virtual Terminal Work

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Put simply, a virtual terminal is a website-based application which allows merchants to process credit and debit card information. At this point you must be wondering how this differs from a Point-of-Sale (POS) system? Well, it’s called a virtual terminal because there’s no specialised hardware involved in the processing of transactions. The only items needed are any internet-enabled device such as a computer or a smartphone with internet access. That’s it!

The terminal contains a secure web form where the customer’s details, as well as their credit card information, can be entered. Upon clicking submit, the payment details are posted to our servers for authorisation and the result of the transaction is shown on the screen. As simple as it gets, right?

So, who needs a Virtual Terminal?

Many types of businesses need a secure way to take payments over the phone or in person, but may not need, or want, to purchase any hardware. Such companies can include:

  • Food Delivery: Customers can pay for their food as soon as they have placed their order over the phone
  • Retailers: Someone can pay either in person or via phone for their purchase prior to delivery of their products, or place a product order in advance
  • Remote Work: Freelancers such as graphic designers, artists, writers, digital marketers and many more can use virtual terminals to settle their bills with their customers over the phone
  • Local Professionals: Professionals in need of card payment solutions can use the virtual terminal over the phone or process payments across the counter. Such professionals might be doctors, attorneys, accountants to name a few

Even if your business does not fall within the categories mentioned above, there may be times that you need to take payments over the phone. Some enjoy the fact that they don’t have to keep a piece of hardware, due to reasons such as limited counter space and a desire for a wire-free environment. Furthermore, virtual terminals can save merchants on costs that relate to purchasing and/or renting, connecting to, and maintaining POS devices.

The benefits of using Powercash21’s virtual terminal

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Our virtual terminal is an ideal solution for merchants who want to offer their customers a convenient, hassle-free way to pay for their purchase, especially where internet access is not available to them.

Some advantages of merchants using the Powercash21 virtual terminal include:

  • No integration or additional software needed, ensuring a quick setup
  • Processing of mail order and telephone order (MOTO) transactions
  • Zero setup fees
  • Saving on costs such as the rental of a POS system and peripheral hardware
  • 24/7 access to payment processing and transaction reports
  • Remote credit card processing with 24 hour access
  • Ability to process recurring transactions
  • Can serve as backup for a POS system
  • Payment link option allows 3D secure processing and access to over 100 payment options
  • Unlimited users

Contact us today and discover our virtual terminal payment solution

You can benefit from Powercash21’s state of the art technology featured on our virtual terminal solutions and accept payments easily, while offering your customers yet another channel for payment.

Contact us today here and learn more about our services and virtual terminal, and how these can benefit your company.

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