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Who is Powercash21

Who is Powercash21 and how can we help your business to succeed? Read on to learn about our rapidly expanding business in the fintech industry and what we can do for you.

Who is Powercash21 and how can they help

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The digital payment landscape is rapidly evolving and new players enter the scene at an unprecedented rate. In attempting to navigate this space, you might ask who is Powercash21?

Powercash21 is a fast growing player in the fintech space, offering digital payment solutions to merchants worldwide.

Powercash21 was established in 2010, by payment industry professionals who joined forces and through their industry expertise, endeavored to create a payment institution with the technology, know-how and customer service commitment that merchants globally would trust when it comes to their payment operations.

Powercash21 is EU Regulated

Powercash21 is an EU-regulated Payments Institution serving merchants registered and operating, in any of the 28 countries within the European Union. As an authorized payment institution, Powercash21 executes payment transactions for their merchants under the legal framework of the Payment Services Directive.

A principal member of Visa and Mastercard

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Powercash21 has also been a long-standing Principal Member of Visa and MasterCard. Powercash21, therefore, acts as an acquirer, contacting the schemes directly in order to offer transaction processing services and to settle the funds of those transactions to merchants.

Supporting alternative payment methods

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Beyond offering credit and debit card processing services to online, mobile and MOTO (Mail Order/Telephone Order) merchants, Powercash21 also supports a diverse portfolio of alternative payment methods that are popular across the globe. From e-wallets to bank-to-bank transfers and from cash payments to prepaid vouchers, Powercash21 supports merchants’ localization strategies in order to improve conversions, by offering access to over a hundred local solutions worldwide.

Supporting merchants from many different industries

Hundreds of merchants entrust their payment processing to Powercash21. From merchants in low-risk industries, like retail and beauty merchantsecommerce merchants, fashion and travel merchants, to merchants in high-risk industries like FOREX and gaming, Powercash21 holds the necessary licenses and expertise to support merchants no matter the industry. With its ongoing investments into the latest technology and tools, Powercash21’s proprietary PCI DSS Level I certified gateway is used to securely process millions of transactions per day. For us, at Powercash21, compliance with security standards is the highest priority in order to prevent misuse of card data and payment fraud.

Offering a range of effective fraud management tools

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Risk management is at the heart of Powercash21’s offering. Powercash21 provides fraud management tools to protect the merchant’s business with the goal to prevent fraud from occurring. Tools such as 3D secure processinggeo-conflict checksvelocity checksBIN look-up and pre-authorization are integrated into Powercash21’s gateway, as a way to monitor transactions and block suspicious payment attempts.

Providing transaction data access

Powercash21 is a payment institution that also understands how important it is for merchants to have access to all aspects of their transaction data, anytime, anywhere. With solid reporting tools and a comprehensive user-friendly merchant dashboard, merchants are able to generate reports and analyse data simply and securely. Payment transaction data can be downloaded in the format necessary for a merchant to run reconciliations, financial, risk and even marketing analysis.

Providing high-quality integration options

At Powercash21, we have made it a priority to offer different integration options to our merchants. Merchants may choose to do hosted payment integration, leaving the majority of the coding and security work to Powercash21’s certified technology.   The iframe interface is a fully-functional secure payment solution which provides merchants with the possibility to process payments via different payment systems while being fully customizable. Seamlessly integrated to match your website’s look and feel and it is also available in 19 languages. Alternatively, merchants may select the direct integration route, allowing more control from their CRM systems and so on.

Powercash21 also services merchants who only seek to process payments via a virtual terminal, instead of through their website, capturing clients who prefer to pay over the phone, by mail order or on-site via a tablet. Supported by our securely hosted PCI DSS Level 1 payment servers, our virtual payment terminal can be used for card-not-present transactions received from anywhere in the world, without installing any additional software.

Fully supporting payment automation strategies

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Powercash21 supports any merchants who adopt automated payment system strategies. This is because we understand the benefits that come with such strategies, mainly operational efficiencies, and reduced expenses. It is for this reason that we fully support the use of payment automation functions by offering batch payment processing and recurring billing solutions to our merchants. With batch payment processing, merchants dealing with high volumes of transactions can utilize our automated systems. Thus, eliminating the repetitive and time-consuming process of sending each transaction individually simply by uploading a file directly to the payment gateway. Furthermore, Powercash21’s recurring billing capabilities respond to this growing monetization strategy in e-commerce, with such tools such as card updater services that streamline billing functionality.

Beyond payment processing, Powercash21 also offers issuing and pre-paid card solutions, corresponding to the needs of merchants who need to cost-effectively manage corporate payouts such as employee expenses and payroll, petty cash, and VIP customers rewards.

Committed to helping merchants succeed

Powercash21, located in Frankfurt, Germany, and Cyprus offers you the secure and reliable financial products and services you need as a merchant. Whether you’re online or mobile, need acquiring or card issuing, we’ve got you covered. Contact Powercash21 today to find out more.

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