Mobile POS

mPOS21 is the mobile payment solution under the umbrella of the powerpay21 network. With your individual merchant account you can accept credit and debit cards that require face-to-face interactions.

mPOS21 Benefits

Wherever your business may be – wherever your customers may be based, we cover your mobile payment needs. We have forged strong strategic alliances to ensure our clients worldwide enjoy premium and scalable payment solutions that work everywhere and for everyone.
We offer individual merchant acquiring accounts for each of our customers. As a merchant, you get access to extensive reporting for all transaction activity, and can check individual terminal activity via the mPOS21 app.
Our comprehensive catalog function allows for simplified commerce and diminishes the chance for human error in the payment cycle.

mPOS Terminals

mPOS21 has partnered up with MIURA, the market leader for mobile POS terminal hardware technology to provide our customers with the best and most reliable device available in the market.
Accept Visa and Mastercard, debit and credit cards via our terminals, accepting cards via the Chip-and-Pin method or Swipe method.
The mPOS21 terminal comes with the mPOS21 app which is available for iOS or Android devices. By simply pairing the terminal with your smart device via Bluetooth, the terminal accepts demands such as price input via the app.
mPOS21 Terminals can accept multiple currencies.

Merchant Management Portal

The Merchant Management Portal was specifically designed for our merchant´s needs. In the portal, our merchants can create their catalog which then becomes available on the app upon log in. By utilizing the catalog functionality, you can set products and prices, and adjust taxes to be automatically added to the price. The Portal also allows you to design personalized invoices that the end-customer receives upon payment.

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