Accepting alternative payment methods globally

At Powercash21, we offer the most popular alternative payment methods (APMs) to appeal to cross-border shoppers. Our range of alternatives include bank-to-bank transfers, cash payments, prepaid vouchers, direct debits, and eWallets and are available in regions worldwide.

Merchants targeting customers globally should consider accepting international payments as a way to convert browsers to buyers. Offering a variety of alternative payments is a proven approach to attract online customers. This is because many clients do not have a credit/debit card, or they might not feel secure paying with a credit card for their online transactions or simply because they would like to pay in the local method that they are most comfortable with.

Alternate payment options to suit your business strategy

Powercash21 can provide you with access to different types of alternative payment options for your e-commerce store. Wherever your customers are located, we provide a list of local payment options to support your localization strategy while you expand your business to new e-commerce markets worldwide.

Now you can reach more customers by offering various payment options that your customers trust and are familiar with. Based on your industry, your target customer’s location, and other factors we will recommend the ideal APMs for your business.

Alternate payment options to suit your business strategy

An overview of alternative payments

Powercash21 offers merchants the ability to accept payments through most of the popular alternative online payments. The following alternative payment options are enabled through our gateway:

Bank transfers:  With real-time bank transfer methods, merchants receive a payment guarantee instantly. When the consumer reaches the check-out page, they have the option to enter their banking information. Money is instantly debited from the consumer’s bank account and credited into the merchant’s account.

eWallets: Also known as digital wallets, this form of payment method allows individuals to make electronic transactions through a device such as a mobile phone or through an online service. Incredibly easy to use, e-wallets allow the user to store multiple credit cards and bank account details. They can then utilize the wallets to make payments without re-entering this information. Growing in popularity, as payment types go, eWallets seem to be the way of the future.

Direct debits:  Effectively allow merchants to withdraw funds from their customers’ bank accounts. The customer must fill the payments form with their full name, email, phone number and IBAN number. To complete the purchase, the customer must insert the PIN code they will receive by phone, at the checkout page.

Prepaid vouchers  Particularly popular with customers concerned about privacy and data security. Consumers exchange cash payments for an electronic code or a physical card. Customers then insert these codes at the checkout page of your online store in order to complete their purchase.

For a full list of alternative payments  click here.

An overview of alternative payments

Powercash21 understands alternative payments

Powercash21 can be your trusted partner and enable you to capitalize on the expanding global cross-border, e-commerce trends through alternative payment options. We can help you better understand the complexity that comes with differences in payment cultures and demands in terms of user experience. By serving merchants in diverse industries and with a broad global coverage, we have the tools to enable you to serve the global population via the many online payment methods of choice, both simply and effectively.

Powercash21 understands alternative payments

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