Providing secure card acquiring services

Powercash21 provides card acquiring services that empower European merchants to obtain worldwide payments in a cost-effective and secure way. We are a longstanding Principal Member of both Visa and Mastercard and a regulated Payment Institution within the EU.

If you are a merchant keen to accept credit card payments online then Powercash21 can help you cover this need. With seamless integration to our gateway you can accept credit and debit cards from around the globe. This includes Visa, Mastercard, Vpay and Maestro, and gives your customers the flexibility to pay online using their preferred payment method.

The role an acquirer performs in the online card payment process

If you are looking for an easy way to accept credit card payments, Powercash21’s card acquiring services are an ideal choice. As a European Acquirer, Powercash21 is responsible for processing debit and credit card transactions for online merchants in a secure and fraud-protected environment. 

Merchants are given the option of a white label credit card processing service, which is ideal if they want to display their corporate branding. This appears at the payment page and helps promote their company’s image and reputation, instead of displaying the acquirer’s branding.

The role an acquirer performs in the online card payment process

In simple terms, how to accept credit card payments is based on an automated process that involves the following steps:

  • Merchants who want to process credit/debit transactions need to sign a contract with a reliable financial institution (acquirer) who offers card acquiring services
  • The acquirer then provides authorization of card transactions and connects with the issuing bank through a secure gateway
  • A card transaction made by the cardholder is either authorized or rejected based on the data from the issuing bank/card network
  • If approved, funds are deposited into the merchant's account

Ensuring secure international credit card processing

Acquirers take on-board the risk and responsibility for processed credit or debit card payments. Online transactions come with a high risk of a data breach and this demands strict security standards that are followed relating to fraud prevention (PCI DSS). Powercash21’s payment gateway is PCI DSS Level 1 certified, offering merchants the highest security protection for every online payment they process.

To ensure security standards are followed, when it comes to global credit card processing, acquirers must follow strict standards relating to fraud prevention. To enhance our card acquiring services, we offer risk and fraud management tools to verify online transactions such as 3D secure, geo-location, velocity checks, and pre-authorizations.

Ensuring secure international credit card processing

The easy way to accept credit card payments

Powercash21 provides card acquiring services that are simple, reliable and secure. Merchants looking to accept card payments online need to ensure they use a trusted acquirer. This is why using a trusted, white-label credit card processing acquirer like Powercash21 is so advantageous.

We provide:

  • Fast onboarding solutions for merchants across the EEA region
  • Automated billing, tokenized, variable and initial recurring capabilities
  • Acceptance of all the processing currencies that Visa and Mastercard support
  • Settlements made available in the world’s ten major currencies
  • Excellent fraud and risk prevention tools including 3D Secure verification for both Visa and Mastercard, Pre-authorizations, BIN Lookup, and Velocity checking
  • Expert Chargeback representment
  • Dependable data of all payment processes and needs-based access to all transactions 24/7, 365 days a year.

The easy way to accept credit card payments

Credit and debit card payments will remain one of the most popular payment methods for online purchases for the foreseeable future. By selecting Powercash21, you offer your clients the option to pay online using their payment cards easily and securely. All whilst you leverage our expertise and proven technology to improve your online profit center.

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