Programme Management

Let us help you run your prepaid card programme simply and smoothly. We are able to analyse our client’s needs to develop a suitable programme and manage the entire implementation and deployment of it.

We provide: Design and creation, user interfaces, online banking and mobile applications, programme monitoring and cost control, security, fraud analysis and monitoring.

Bank Management Suite (BMS)

The BMS is state-of-the-art technology that has been developed specifically for the requirements of our prepaid issuing solutions. We offer the BMS to financial institutions and merchants to allow them to manage their prepaid card programmes in a simple and efficient manner. The system can be managed using the advanced browser-based portals or integrated directly into existing back office systems using agile API’s and web services.

Benefit from:

  • Real-time updates on loading
  • eWallet functionality
  • Transactional data
  • Card inventory and stock management
  • Cardholder fees

Know Your Customer Management (KYCM)

Access to real-time data is particularly beneficial for reconciliation and settlement purposes.

The profile based system ensures users only have access to the items they need, with every action taken logged and date-stamped for audit purposes and a note placed on the account for future reference. Management can view all user activity for security and performance monitoring purposes.

Merchant Management Suite (MMS)

For groups and organisations that are administrating a card programme MMS gives you the flexibility, control and reporting you need to efficiently manage the cards. This includes issuing, loading and administering all aspects of the prepaid card programme.

Cardholder Portal

Our Card Holder Portal allows cardholders to view and monitor their balances and transactions online using a browser, mobile device or using our native iOS or Android Apps.

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